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HSMS Bug List

07/10/20183.21555EnhancementP1New This is a request from Clearbrook (by Emily Fencl). We like to add another Report button on the Monthly Summary screen (which should have the similar behavior as the current report button). It will print out a different Monthly Summary report. We already have this report under Custom report folder called "Implementation Strategies Monthly Report". So the new report button can be used to link this custom report. Ken
11/29/20173.21554EnhancementP2New Please add monthly grand total by funding on monthly attendance screen either inside the existing "Summary for Month" box, or by creating a new "Summary for Month (All Clients)" box. The total is for all client together for the site. Thanks Ken Chen Clearbrook (requested by Hollis G.)
08/14/20173.21553MinorRevNew There is no field in HSMS to mark if a person is "reciprocal" - when opening someone added as "reciprocal" does not indicate that they were added that way. Bug from Blue Cap 8/14/2017
07/20/20173.21552NormalP1New The Goal Detail report does not display the goal data inside the sub report of adaptive goal monthly summary. Not sure if there is same problem with maladaptive goals.
05/10/20173.41551NormalP1New For some reasons, in hourly attendance edit screen, some clients may not have funding "-99"/"AB" from the Funding dropdown control. This funding should be automatically added by the system (it's missing from ClientFundings table for the clients)
03/23/20173.11546EnhancementP1New Events Is it possible to create another tab in events that would reflect illnesses. This would mean other drop down tables for illnesses alone, similar tot he ones for injuries. (New Star)
03/20/20173.11545MinorP1New Also with the diagnoses section, it lets you add the same diagnoses twice. It would be nice if this was prevented.
03/20/20173.21544EnhancementP1New Can there also be a link from the goal section of the ISP to the goal tracking section? Or streamlined in another manner. It’s odd that you have to go to two places to update the goal.
03/17/20173.21543MinorP1New ISP All goals popup for both ISPs after 1st month of new ISP
03/17/20173.11542MinorP1New ISP Bug in the goal section of the ISP where it gives an error message when adding goals to current or previous
03/17/20173.41541MinorP1New Goals Symbols often show up in goals (may have to do with incorrect copying) and bullet points show up as "&bull"
03/17/20173.01540MinorP1New Contacts When you add a person and if you hit enter rather than the search button, it takes you back to the original screen.
03/17/20173.01539EnhancementP1New All phone numbers to show up on the people tab under contacts. Already work this way (with mouse rollover feature) -Ken
03/17/20173.11538EnhancementP1New Stream updating Goals * you should not have to update in two spots when doing progress notes (in the progress note and then the goal tracking) * When copying a goal to the same person, make EVERYTHING copy (prompt level, person responsible, etc.)
03/06/20171.01535EnhancementRevClosed report:client behavioral program: Please suppress the medication info if it is blank
03/06/20171.01536EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..edit incident: "Incident Type" tab, add "Other" check box
03/06/20171.01537EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..Report: Suppress incident report (print incident report) to show the info user wants. to make the report a little dynamic
03/06/20171.01528EnhancementRevClosed people..client tab: "Community" tab needs salary info.
03/06/20171.01529EnhancementRevClosed People..client info..Community : Link to Organization table and add search capabilities
03/06/20171.01530EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..notification tab: Label "Called Ambulanc" should be "Called 911"
03/06/20171.01531EnhancementRevClosed People..Client Info..appointment : Person responsible for follow up
03/06/20171.01532EnhancementRevClosed report..client information reports..AXIS: remove AXIS report from the system
03/06/20171.01533EnhancementRevClosed Pop Up if ROCS data missing
03/06/20171.01534EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..edit..incident type tab: from "Incident type" section, there should not be any duplicates in the left and right sections
03/06/20171.01523EnhancementRevClosed report..client information jobs: add date stop and grand total to the report; add "type of work", "active/inactive/all" filters
03/06/20171.01524EnhancementRevClosed People..Client Info..Diagnosis : Add ICAP Score, Date, Due Date, History
03/06/20171.01525EnhancementRevClosed attendance: non-billable code for hourly attedance (such as lunch, etc.)
03/06/20171.01526EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..edit incident: "Incident Type": "Severity of injury" tab - add check box "treatment by nurse" after "Basic First Aid"
03/06/20171.01527EnhancementRevClosed Add new attedance module - Life - by Client with Employee
03/06/20171.01517EnhancementRevClosed people..client info..diagnosis: people..clinet info..demographics: "Diagnosis Type" needs be defaulted accordingly to ROCS
03/06/20171.01518EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..disposition: "Referral" section, add check box "internal referral" and text box next to it
03/06/20171.01519EnhancementRevClosed log: need to add a filter by user/employee on the screen
03/06/20171.01520EnhancementRevClosed People..Client info..Medical Support : Add unique provider # for each physician
03/06/20171.01521EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..edit incident: "Reviewed by" is missing from Incident report
03/06/20171.01522EnhancementRevClosed goals..client goal tracking..copy goal: please allow coping goal to a different client
03/06/20171.01510EnhancementRevClosed report..client information reports..appointment: add "Appointment Type" pulldown for "By Client" option and "Appointment Type" pulldown for both "By Client" and "By Program" should include "All" option
03/06/20171.01511EnhancementRevClosed Highlight fields that are required by ROCS
03/06/20171.01512EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..edit incident..incident type tab:"incident type" tab needs be moved to the "Notification" tab
03/06/20171.01513EnhancementRevClosed people..client info..files (add and edit): please add "File type" dropdown
03/06/20171.01514EnhancementRevClosed report..goals..behavioral plan..behavioral plan report: please remove all six signatures (red circles in screen shot), and add eight lines across the same page with headings "Signature", "Title", "Date" which are spaced properly
03/06/20171.01515EnhancementRevClosed goals..client behavioral program..behavioral plan medication add/edit screen: please make the "medication" dropdown only shows those prescriptions that are in current client's demographics..medication screen that are with valid dates
03/06/20171.01516EnhancementRevClosed report..client goal tracking..behavioral goal charting..targeted goal progress: need to include more than one targeted behavior in the same chart
03/06/20171.01505EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury: incident report will show from those "involved" clients on their Incident/accident tab
03/06/20171.01506EnhancementRevClosed report..attendance.."attendance monthly detail report" and "attendance monthly summary report": Please add "Client" and "Funding" filters
03/06/20171.01507EnhancementRevClosed Peiople..Client info..Community Tab : Change Tab name to Community Involvement
03/06/20171.01508EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..injury report: from "Area of Body", need "R. Fingers" and "L.Fingers", "R. Thumb" and "L. Thumb" to replace "Fingers" and "Thumb"
03/06/20171.01509EnhancementRevClosed report..goals..monthly summary..monthly summary report: please add "Signature (Client)" below "Signature" on the last page, leaving enough space between these two signuature lines
03/06/20171.01500EnhancementRevClosed communication..client incident/injury..disposition: from "Investigation result" tab, add something for internal investigations
03/06/20171.01501EnhancementRevClosed goals..client behavioral program..edit..behavioral plan detail: change label "functional analysis" to "Functional Assessment"
03/06/20171.01502EnhancementRevClosed People..client info..appointment : Following Up required check box